2019 The American Society of Cinematographers Master Class intensive seminar taught in Hollywood, CA by some of the finest directors of photography in the world during the year of 100th Anniversary.

2019 ARRI Certified Online Training for Camera Systems Alexa LF, Alexa SXT, Alexa MINI, AMIRA e Signature Prime.

2019 ARRI Certified Online Training for Large-Format Camera System.

2019 Google Maps Street View trusted photographers and certified member of the program offer professional 360 photos as one of your business service.

2018 Wins the Photo Challenge ARRI Calendar 2019 and participates in and graduates in Lighting Techniques Certified Training at ARRI RENTAL UK in London. www.arri.com

2018 Photogek is Partner Broadcast & ProAV of the European B2B partners’ portal

2017 Feature film "RODENSTOCK & PARTNER PROFESSIONALI, INSIEME FACCIAMO GOAL!" Video of 20 minutes shot in Milan to celebrate the 140th Anniversary Year of this great Optics Manufacturer. In collaboration with Dialoga S.a.s

2017 Photogek Culture receives the "ELIGIBLE for ACADEMIC" by RED GIANT Tools for Filmmakers and Artist. www.redgiant.com

2016 Filmmaking Documentary "From Civic Works to Commissioning" realized in Puglia, Campania and Molise to tell the new Green Economy MADE IN ITALY the edification of wind turbine generator minute by minute. Owner: L & L S.R.L.

2015 EI Magazine Official Media Partner UN at EXPO Milan 2015

2015 Organization with Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico and Agenzia ICE of the changeover Event from Expo Milan 2015 to Expo 2020 Dubai

2014 Honourable Mention at the Moscow International Photo Award for the publication "Tracce di Mille Miglia"

2014 Publication of the book "Tracce di Mille Miglia" (Traced of Thousand Miles, capturing the traditional North-Italian antique cars race) by Gloria Fenaroli published in four languages. Click here to access the presentation sheet

2014 Recognition for Research in Contemporary Photography awarded at the historical archives of the Quirinale by Dr. Pace, Chairman of the Italian Excellence Association;

2014 Four bronze medals at the international competition FIOF Professional Photography Awards in the category Wedding

2014 Solo exhibition at Vitaly, Orange County, California (USA)

2013 Solo exhibition in Los Angeles (USA) at the Institute of Italian Culture

2013 Members in the SWPP (UK)

2013 Sponsorship and beginning of the collaboration with the prestigious Italian Excellence Association;

2012 collective exhibition in Beijing

2012 Two silver medals at the international competition FIOF Professional Photography Awards Rerearch category

2011 Collective exhibition during the International Festival of Artistic Photography in Lishui (China), representing the Italian contemporary photography

2010 Two silver medals at the FIOF International Competition in the category Research

2009 Two bronze medals at the FIOF International Competition

2008 European professional qualification in photography, specialising in portraiture;

2007 Became part of the prestigious worldwide association The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) - a professional organisation composed of photojournalists and wedding photographers from around the world. This membership is granted only to the most professional and talented wedding photographers in the industry with a solid documentary approach to weddings.

2003 Italian qualification in portrait awarded by the FIOF National Photographers' Association.

2003 Italian qualification in wedding photography issued by the FIOR National Photographers' Association.

Solo and group exhibitions in many Italian and overseas locations

2018 Collective exhibition London Art Prize Great Master 10 – 13 May Brick Lane Gallery

2017 Collective exhibition at the first edition PEOPLE BRESCIA PHOTO FESTIVAL

2016 Collective exhibition at PHOTOVISA - Krasnodar - Russia from October 20th to 29th. 35 selected Italian photographers exhibit an image as Ambassadors of Italian Photography in Russia, Photogek presents a shot by Rodolfo Rudy Fenaroli entitled "Wind Surrealism"

2015 Collective Exhibition at the International Artistic Photography Festival in Lishui - CHINA representing contemporary Italian photography trough the collection "Sapore del Mito"

2014 Solo exhibition "Sapore del Mito" (Taste of Myth) at the Italian Food Fair "Cosmofood", Vicenza

2014 Solo exhibition "Tracce di Swing in solidarietà" (Traces of Swing in Solidarity) at Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona

2014 personal “Marks of 1000 miles” Grand Hotel Terme, Abano Montegrotto Terme Padova

2014 personal “Marks of 1000 miles” Museo Mille Miglia Brescia

2014 Solo exhibition "Sapore del Mito" (Taste of Myth) at the Italian Gastronomy Fair "Golositalia", Brescia

2014 Collective exhibition Fuori Salone Milan Design Week "Table"

2014 personal “Marks of 1000 miles” Vitaly, Orange County USA

2013 8th-19 th May, Brescia area, Italy Personal itinerant photography exhibition “Tracce di 1000Miglia” - 2013 March 3rd, Palazzo '900, Brescia ,Italy, FIOF Photographers' Collective Art Exhibit “Double Face.Wedding&FreeArt” - 2013 March, Palazzo della Marra, Barletta (Ba) Personal exibition

2013 personal “Lyric Female” Fiore concept store, Corte Franca-Franciacorta Brescia

2012-2013, 8th december -30th january, Xinhua Agency Gallery, Beijing, China, Collective exhibition of 13 Italian authors representative of Italian photography “Marks of Mille Miglia”

2011-2013 14th november – 2nd febbruary, Mille Miglia Museum Brescia, Italy Personal exibition “Tracce di 1000Miglia”

2012, december, Camera Chiara Gallery, Salerno ,Italy, FIOF Photographers' Collective Art Exhibit “Double Face. Wedding&FreeArt”

2012, October, Taormina, (Messina),Italia

2012 personal “Man” event with the partnership of the showroom “L’uomo”, Castiglione d/Stiviere, Mn

2012 personal “Queen” event with the partnership of Vanzi hair stylists, Brescia

2012 personal “Woman”, event with the partnership of Bagoda Garden, Desenzano d/Garda

2012, April 2nd, The Cube Club, Desenzano del Garda (bs) Personal exibition “Tracce di 1000Miglia”

2012, March, Civic Palace, Orvieto, Italy Personal exibition “In Barba”

2011 14th October – 2012 8th January, Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia, Italy Personal photography exhibition “Tracce di 1000Miglia”

2011 November, International Festival of Photographic Arts in Lishui, Zeijang, China, Collective exhibition of 18 Italian authors representative of Italian photography

2011 23th October -13th November, Spazio Heart, Vimercate (Mi),Italy Collective photography exhibition

2010, Palazzo Todeschini, Comune di Desenzano del Garda (BS),Italy Personal photography exhibition “Taste of Myth”. Research photography.

2010, Centro Italiano della Fotografia d’Autore , Bibbiena (AR) Italy Collective photography exhibition “Io mi vedo così”. Author section

2009, Palazzo Civico Dante Alighieri, Sirmione (BS), Italy Personal photography exhibition “Tracce di tempo”. Research photography.

2007, Fep Federation of European Professionals, Brussels, Belgium, QEP Qualified European Photographers, Portrait category, collective art exhibit;

2006, Orvieto Fotografia International fund, Orvieto, Italy, QIP Qualified Italian Photographers Portrait category, Qip's new photographers' collective art exhibit;

2006 Fep Federation of European Photographers, Bourbon Lancy – France Collective photography exhibition “L’ ète’ des portraits- Le Festival europeen du portrait photografique”

2009 personale "Tracce di Tempo", Sirmione BS